About Me.

Paul Staring
Multidisciplinary artist

With my work I want to contribute to a world of conscious attention.

I’ve been distracted for too much of my life, alienated from what really matters to me. I was a techno-maximalist, I used technology when it brought an advantage without weighing it against the disadvantages.

I started to experience life so much richer and more intensely when I managed to reclaim grip on my attention. In the space that this created in me, an enormous love for nature emerged. Nature is my greatest source of inspiration and without healthy oceans and forests we are nothing. I dream of a workplace in the middle of a forest, so that I never lose sight of nature again. Future generations should also be able to enjoy this, which is why I want to fight for nature conservation and sustainability.


In order to realize this, I strive to critically question our current relationship with technology and nature and to stimulate people to live with more attention. I immerse myself in topics such as philosophy of technology, meditation, spirituality, sustainability and nature. What happens if I leave my phone out for a month? or what is it like to hike through nature for a week?

I translate experiences from these sources of inspiration into innovative interactive and immersive works. Think, for example, of augmented reality audio walks or an installation that tries to simulate plant growth. As a maker I feel like a technological pioneer who can show people how technology could be closer to values ​​like connection and love instead of productivity and economic growth.