‘Holoseed’ is a technical visualization of plant growth in which the viewer is invited to initiate the blooming of a seed. It begs the question if technology perhaps isn’t man-made after all.

This piece of work was made during the Arts and Interaction minor at AKV St. Joost. While working on Energetic Bridges I discovered a fascination for plant growth. HoloSeed was an attempt to see just how close we can get to simulation physical plant growth using technology. There is a lot of technology that can be found in nature, think of plants responding to the season for instance. If natural technology is evolution then human technology is revolution. We should be aware of the fact that rapid changes induce more than meets the eye. In such a fast paced world we should not forget to look to nature for answers and inspiration.

The user is invited to place one of the three seed capsules inside the installation. The type of seed will be recognized by a webcam and a holographic plant of that type will grow from that seed. This plant is randomly generated and there are millions of variations of each type.

HoloSeed was exposed at TAC Eindhoven from January 10 till January 12 2020.